Asset-backed cryptocurrency - The true gateway to the 4th industrial revolution!

The XUSD Family of Cryptocurrencies are Ethereum™ ERC-20 digital tokens that work for the people, NOT the traditional banking elite. Our family of asset-backed digital currencies allow you to swiftly and securely send money to anyone with an ERC-20 Compatible Crypto Wallet. Say goodbye to the high fees of traditional banking, and say hello to a REAL digital currency that holds REAL value - finally a cryptocurrency that continues to appreciate rather than some old, fiat piece of paper that folds and steadily decreases in value! 


Acquire with confidence and swap crypto with ease!

Now is the time for you to acquire one of the XUSD Family of coins with a growing number of Fiat currencies, as well as swap for a vast list of other well known and widely available cryptocurrencies. Check out the Trade XUSD button above to trade against the cryptocurrency of your choice.

Current Pricing

XUSD Prime™ - Symbol: XUSDP

$ 783.44 per coin

Value based upon ALL Asset Classes

 Current Asset Value $2,602,000,000,000 

 3,321,249,872.25 coins available for purchase during Phase 1

 Available Supply of 13,284,999,489 coins

XUSD Gold™ - Symbol: XUSDG

$ 1,850.00 per coin

 Value based upon GOLD Asset Classes

 Current Asset Value $52,000,000,000

 7,027,027 coins available for purchase during Phase 1

 Available Supply of 28,108,108 coins