XUSD Stable Documentation

Below are the files that express and detail the physical asset backing behind XUSD Stable™. This list of downloadable documentation is constantly being updated, so be sure to check back regularly for updates to the backing behind the definitive Fiat & Crypto Stable coin within the XUSD Family of Coins.

To access the files, please either click on a folder in the folder tree to the right OR click on the subcategory button in the center of the file browser. From here, you will be able to view the files individually by clicking the OPEN button or the DOWNLOAD button to download the file directly. Additionally, you have the option to click the DOWNLOAD ALL button on the top right of the file browser to download a compressed .zip file of the ALL of the files contained in that category.

**INVESTORS PLEASE NOTE** -- All files contained within our documentation section have been minimally redacted in an effort to protect addresses, signatures, and other personally identifiable information of stakeholders involved in our programs. This is a security measure only, and an unredacted copy of all documentation will be made available to all investors in the XUSD Family of Coins upon request via our Support Center by submitting a Request Ticket. Documentation will be emailed to you only AFTER proper verification by our staff of your completed acquisition of one of the XUSD Family of Coins. Unredacted documentation will only be made available on the coin that the individual making the request is invested in.