USPTO & WIPO Patent Approval

“The USPTO approved Patent #11,188,977 authorizes and certifies the use case whereby the values behind ALL XUSD tokens within the XUSD Family of digital currencies and provides approval for the proper application thereof. The values are derived from verifiable market values of varied physical assets and contractually held mining reserves.” No other asset backed tokenization on the blockchain; to our knowledge; has this type of immutable security blanket. Not Bitcoin, USDT Tether, nor Ethereum.

This proven methodology for creating an asset-backed distributed ledger token, which represents a smart contract backed by the pledge of a commodity asset or an illiquid form of commodity production, to include; but not limited to; the receipt of an unprocessed or pre-commodity pledged asset has yet to be done in a transparent and and direct way.

Thereby this process is actioned via the following methodology:

1. The digitization of the unprocessed commodity into fractionalized representations of those assets via the use of smart contract systems on the selected distributed ledger network,

2. Allow all token holders to access executed transactions on said network for the purposes of direct verification,

3. And lastly to convert those digital representations into fiat capital in accordance with the operating terms of the applicable smart contract protocol.