Official Statement regarding Allegations made against XUSDP is not affiliated with XUSD Blockchain Holdings, XUSD Prime, XUSD Gold, any XUSD Family of Tokens, ICTS Trust ATOA, or Unified Global Intelligence Corporation.

Hey there crypto enthusiasts,
It has been brought to our attention that there has been several articles and an email released by on both their website as well as via an email sent to our early adopters. These articles and the subsequent email has levied a variety of false allegations against the pricing valuation efforts being made for XUSDP by XUSD Blockchain Holdings, ICTS Trust ATOA and Unified Global. These articles were written by a former contracted employee and contracted company that is no longer involved with XUSD Blockchain Holdings and ICTS Trust ATOA. At the time of the writing of the articles and email, the contracted company The release o
Attached below are additional information and proof of trading concerning the coin and its value, timeline, and availability on various crypto exchanges such as Etherscan and